Vintage 2020 :

2020 has been turned into a mayhem with the Covid 19 crisis, but meanwhile, vine cultivation was doing great. We had a great harvest, caused by a mild and temperate Spring, which helped our vines resisting both the drought and the high summer temperatures without any maturity delay. Though we had to wait the end of the season for them to mature perfectly, the sunny weather allowed us to do so. This year’s red wines are warm and generous, and still fruity.


The grape varieties that make up this wine are vinified separately. The Duras is harvested in perforated boxes to keep the berries intact and to allow the juice to flow out, otherwise this fragile grape would oxidize. A “carbonic maceration” is done. It consists in macerating the grapes for about 5 days in an atmosphere saturated with carbon dioxide (released during the fermentation). This allows to exacerbate the varietal aromas and amylic notes, often associated with the harlequin candies we used to eat when we were younger. The alcoholic fermentation is already engaged at this stage. We then proceed to press it into a liquid state before finishing the fermentation process. This gives a supple and fruity wine. Merlot and Braucol are also hand-picked but will undergo a maceration in stainless steel tanks slightly longer, to extract a little more tannins and dyestuffs, and thus we obtain a slightly more structured wine. After pressing the latter, the three grapes are assembled. The malolactic fermentation comes in second. The lactic acid bacteria, micro-organisms naturally present on the grapes, will degrade the malic acid, which will reduce the acidity sensation in the wine. The latter will then be bottled quickly, to preserve its primary aromas, which would disperse quickly otherwise.

Tasting notes:

  • Appearance: purple dress with purple hues.
  • Aroma : The first nose reveals aromas of blackberries and black currant and drifts towards more spicy notes of black pepper
  • Taste: The attack is tart and frank. The mouth is round and fruity, with all the same a beautiful structure. A regressive treat that reminds us of wild strawberries and harlequin candy. The finish is slightly spicy, signature of Duras grape variety.
  • Food pairing:A wine of thirst that is proposed on boards of cold cuts, tapas, or salads accompanied by grills. A companion of friends’ tables on a summer evening.

Can be keptup to 3 years.