Man’s savoir-faire and lands’ resources

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Since I was a child, I have been in love, and mesmerized by the old farming world. This love was stronger than my parents ambitions, and thus, after an engineering degree, I decided to take the path of winemaking, with one aim: to rethink the wine production process.

I have passed the last fifteen years of my life observing my vineyard and thinking to myself how much of a mess decades of chemical culture had left on all the agricultural lands.

I understood both the History of my vines, and what hardships they were going through. So, I decided to be different. I tried to put back life in my soils, and to fix some of the broken natural chains. To do so, I recreated a vast area, free of all chemistry or industry elements. I brought back a land of nature, balance, and with a wide biodiversity.

I am pleased to present to you our wines, result of our dedication, and to feel noble tastes, characterized by both Man’s savoir-faire and the pure land’s resources.

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Château Les Vignals
81150 Cestayrols
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