Nos Distinctions pour ce millésime :

  • Silver medal in Paris concours général Agricole
  • Silver medalin Gaillac’s Concours des vins de Gaillac
  • Highlighted in the Wine guide Hachette des Vins 2018″
  • Silver medal in the independent winemakers concours

Vintage 2015:

This year’s harvest has been a particularly mild one for Gaillac. The holiday temperatures were hot, with just the right amount of rain; late season was dry, allowing us to pick grapes with an exceptional maturity.
The red wines from this year are both exuberant and fruity, and they can be kept to evolve in the bottle.


The grapes having barely left the vine are put into temperature controlled stainless steel vats. The first stage begins with the pre-fermentation maceration: over several days, the vats are kept at 18C proceeded by light homogenised over- pumping. This step allows us to develop the elementary grape aromas.
Once the alcoholic process is working, we let the temperatures of the vats rise, enabling the maceration to be accentuated. Every morning, we start the over-pumping to extract the necessary structure for a good ageing wine. As the fermentation finishes, we reduce our actions so that greenness and astringent tastes are not extracted. he malolactic fermentation generally begins afterwards or sometimes we wait for the spring, so it works at its own speed. The second fermentation reduces the taste of sourness in the wine.


Once the wine is ‘finished’ we begin the 12-month refining process in old French oak tanks of 2500 litres. The aromas of ageing are revealed along with hints of roasting or sweet spices.

Tasting notes:

Appearance:a sustained purple with ruby reflection
Aroma:The first impression is dominated by ripe fruits with Morello cherry. Then, we discover notes of cocoa and sweet spices (vanilla and cinnamon).
Taste:A clear and elegant onset, with a great melted tannic structure which will allow it to improve over the years. A long fruity basis with a finish intensified by roasted shades.
Food pairing: Duck breast fillet with cranberries. For the gourmand: a dark chocolate mousse.
Can be kept up to10 years.