Vintage 2017 :

The 2017 vintage was complex. After a cold spring with frosts that has harmed part of our vineyard, summer turned out to be mild and it nursed the grapes into a nice maturity. The temperate late autumn was a help for us to keep the grapes fresh and to develop their varietal aromas. Sparkling wines from 2017 are both fresh and fruity.

Winemaking :

The grapes are gathered into open casks which lets us keep the fruit intact until its placement in the winepress; to avoid any early stage oxidation. A cycle of slow pneumatic pressure enables us to obtain the “coeur de presse” or in other words, the best quality juices. We then proceed to a racking procedure at a low temperature to eliminate any coarse particles that could hide any subtle aroma. We then arrive at the crucial step of the alcoholic fermentation. Yeast is about to work for about two weeks, at temperatures between 12 and 16 degrees. Maintaining these temperatures allows it to work very slowly, to its maximum effectiveness and this is meant to bring out the maximum flavours: an alchemy is taking place, and the wine’s base is created. This ultimate product is placed in bottles with the addition of a ‘drawing liqueur’ which causes a second fermentation and the sparkling wine outcome. This wine must be left to develop in contact with its lees for a minimum period of nine months, allowing it to acquire remarkably interesting flavours from this kind of fermentation. Once this vinification is complete, the bottles will then be ‘disgorged’, which means that their lees are extracted by hand. The volume thus removed is replaced by a very lightly sugared ‘expedition liqueur’, which enables the cork to be expelled during the opening of the bottle.

Tasting notes:

Appearance : pale pink with a nice shine.
Aroma : The dominance is fruity, with notes of raspberry and English candy.
Taste: Fizzy, which is great to carry the red fruit’s elegance.
Food pairing:in aperitif for a festive occasion or with a chocolate fondant with its red fruit coulis.
Can be kept up to 4 years.