Rosé 2019


Harvest date: 30 th 26th of September 2019

Appellation : AOC Gaillac

Winemaker : Olivier JEAN

Grape variety: 50 % Braucol, 20% Duras

Soil : Clay and limestone

Harvest: Hand picked

Yield : 45 hl/ha

Bottling: at the estate, in bottles of 750 ml

Wine: Organic wine certified by ECOCERT

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Vintage 2019:

This 2019 vintage was quite a good year for most of the Gaillac winemakers, thanks to the frost being late and no hailstorm. Spring rains helped our vineyards to resist heavy summer heats and droughts, allowing it to mature, and without bothering the harvest. Though, we had to be patient before harvesting them to their full maturity, the sunny days off-season helped us waiting for the right moment.

The rosé wines of this vintage are fresh and fruity carried by a nice structure.


This Rosé is made from a “bleeding”. We first pick the berries, before putting them in the vat at a low temperature. After a few hours of cold maceration, the juice takes the colour from the natural piment contained in the grapes’ skin. Depending on the colour we wish to obtain, the maceration can be either short or long. Once it is done, we take all the juice from the vat and start the liquid fermentation with it. With low temperatures – from 12 to 16°C degrees – yeasts will work to their low limit, leading to a nice variety of light and delicate tastes… Once the fermentation process is done, the wine is filtered for a bit, and poured in bottles quickly, to preserve its freshness.

Tasting notes:

Appearance: A raspberry colour, and a nice shine.

Aroma:Hints of currant, mixed in with pink berries.

Taste: A nice balance between fruits and liveliness. You will feel some sweet spices with the touches of berry.

Food pairing:A Rosé great with a Pissaladière, grilled Rouget fillet, or a raspberry dessert. To be consumed before two years for a maximum freshness

Drink within 2 years to keepoptimal freshness.

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