Vintage 2020 :

2020 has been turned into a mayhem with the Covid 19 crisis, but meanwhile, vine cultivation was doing great. We had a great harvest, caused by a mild and temperate Spring, which helped our vines resisting both the drought and the high summer temperatures without any maturity delay. Though we had to wait the end of the season for them to mature perfectly, the sunny weather allowed us to do so. This year’s white wines are elegant and fresh, carried by a nice structure. The wine’s fatness is developed all along the vinification.

Winemaking :

The grapes are harvested in the early morning, “fresh” so that the grapes are pressed at a good temperature (between 8 ° C and 16 ° C) to prevent any early oxidation phenomenon. This will preserve all the different tastes of the grape varieties. Grapes are then placed in a pneumatic press which carefully preserves them from excessive crushing. The so-called ‘must’ passes into stainless steel tanks which are temperature controlled, then it is racked. This process eliminates any coarse particles which would suppress any delicate flavour. We are now at the crucial stage where the alcoholic fermentation changes grape juice into the wine you will be able to taste today. Yeast shall work for about two weeks, at temperatures between 12 and 18 degrees. Sustaining these temperatures allows the yeasts to work very slowly, to their full scope, and thereby the wines develop their maximum flavors – alchemy at work.

Tasting notes:

Appearance: pale yellow with golden reflection.
Aroma : The first impression gives subtle notes of white flowers and citruses, while the second develops more of a mineral scent.

Taste: The flavour is strong and elegant, as pear Williams is mixed with citruses notes. The balance is composed and well-structured, with a nice vivid touch, long and expressive in mouth.
Food pairing: This wine goes very well with a poultry in wild mushroom sauce, or a fresh fish dish.
Can be keptup to 5 years.