Vintage 2015:

This year’s harvest has been a particularly mild one for Gaillac. Spring rains helped our vineyards to resist heavy summer heats and droughts, allowing it to mature, and without bothering the harvest. The white grape varieties must be gathered at precisely the right time to retain their liveliness. The flavours are often characterised by warm tones, and they can be kept and will evolve nicely.

Winemaking :

The moment the grape is harvested, we put it right away into a pneumatic press to obtain by pressing the grape the any precious drops of juice. Then, the juice is poured in 400 litres French oak barrels. Fermentation will occur thanks to the yeast naturally present on the grapes. he temperature is balanced between 16 and 18 Celsius degrees, perfect temperature for the yeast to work, and thus, to obtain the nicest flavours. This step is quite long because there is so much sugar the yeast works slower. But thanks to this, we obtain interesting fermentation notes. Once the tasting balance is perfectly right, we stop the fermentation by filtering the wine. We then put in in barrels for 12 months. A natural decantation will happen and the last steps are the extraction and the bottling.

Tasting notes:

Appearance: Yellow gold with amber reflection.
Aroma:Complex on the nose and exuberant jellied fruits (bitter orange, quince, and mango), honey and spices. Bitter notes can be found as a last taste.
Taste: The taste is full and intense, extremely soft but keeping a great vivacity. We find notes of quince jelly, saffron and cloves. The hints of camphor bring quite a bit of freshness and give it balance and length.
Food pairing:On a cheese platter with Roquefort and goat cheese. In aperitif with dried-tomato mousse.
Can be kept up to 20 years.